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Unofficial Guide to Disney 2012

As recommended by the 2007 - 2015 Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

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BOK Tower

Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower Gardens offers visitors Florida's most abundant opportunities for aesthetic, cultural and personal enrichment. The lush landscapes of the Olmsted gardens, the majesty and music of the Singing Tower with its 60-bell carillon and the splendor of Pinewood Estate create an experience that inspires all who visit.

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Mauiva Arial Tours

Mauiva Aerial Tours

Climb on board and take flight in Orlando's premier adventure tour! Truly complete your experience in Orlando. See the City Beautiful, theme parks, and homes of the rich and famous on your own personal sky tour.

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Showcase of Citrus

A fruit lover’s paradise. Stroll through acres and acres of Florida's Orange Groves; check out 50+ varieties of citrus, ripe for the picking; Spread out your blanket and enjoy a picnic (shoes optional). And while your at it enjoy a monster truck off road Eco tour.

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